Santa and His Village in the Summer

Well, Christmas is not much of a Fairytail for the future, as it is faced with the consequences of Climate Change.


This summer, I got a chance to visit Santa Claus--the real one—in the Arctic Circle. Growing up we’ve all heard stories about the spirit and wonders of Christmas, either in school or home, or through movies and TV. 

Gobar Gyan

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Gobar Gyan

A Glacier's Funeral


Can Plants Flower in Antarctica?

When we think of Antarctica, long swathes of ice come into mind. But, could you ever imagine plants flowering in the Antarctic region?

The pristine Antarctic ecosystem is being overturned by the climate crisis, according to a new study published in the journal Current Biology. It studied Signy Island, part of the South Orkney Islands of Antarctica. As the summers in the region are warming, two flowering plants have been multiplying fast...