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The Mega Problem of Micro Things

What are Micro-Plastics?

Micro-plastics have not been defined in particular. They are just tiny particles that result from the disintegration of bigger plastic materials. However, most researchers say that any plastic smaller than 5 millimetres in size is a micro-plastic. Hence, these are really, really teeny-tiny!

Plastics are made up of polymers, which are derived from fossil fuels. A whole lot of chemicals are added to the polymers—close to 10,000—to ensure that a given plastic has the desired properties...

Do It Yourself

The Art of Paper Mâché

Gobar Gyan

A Trash Course!


Man-Made Volcano

Gobar Gyan

Don’t Let Them ‘Greenwash’ You!

How much can you put at stake to help Mother Earth? Do you think sustainability is a trend? This article answers these questions and peers into mending one’s lifestyle, beginning from the clothes that you buy.


The environment is connected to almost every aspect of our lives, from what we eat and wear to the choices we make on a daily basis like taking the car or cycling down to the supermarket...