Tale of Two Cities

Why has it become increasingly diffiicult to run even during early mornings?

Suddu was anxious. He tightly grabbed Papa’s hand to avoid getting lost in the crowd. This was the third medical store they had visited since morning to buy a mask. The first two in their locality had already run out.

“Papa, when will we go home? I am hungry,” said a visibly irritable Suddu. More than hunger it was the urge to get out of the crowded medical store. “As soon as we buy the mask, beta,” his father assured him. “But why is there such a long queue?”...


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How Bad Was Delhi's Winter Smog During 2020-21 Compared To Previous Years?

Every winter Delhi is engulfed by smog. Air quality drops to a very poor or severe category. The 2020-21 winter also coincided with opening up from the COVID-19 lockdown. While economic activity has still not reached its peak, air pollution in Delhi was only marginally better than the previous year. The number of smog episodes was lower than the previous two years. However, the seasonal average was higher than the previous two years...