Gobar Gyan

A Chatting Rockstar

Knock-knock, who’s there? The holy Brown Rock Chat. A holy who???... That’s how a timid bird perplexed me at 3:30am in the dark of dawn. It was February 2019 and I was calming the anxieties of my daughter, who was fearing her imminent exams. Persistently knocking my door—I hesitated to investigate any such visitor at an ungodly hour. So, I peeped out from an adjacent window to survey my doorway and was delightfully surprised to find a beautiful, winged creature.

“Mama, look who’s come to wish me luck!" My doll whispered in ecstasy. A sweet, tiny female Indian Robin...

Gobar Gyan

The House of Sparrows


Stranger Things

Gobar Gyan

The Scent That Wasn't

Gobar Gyan

Let There Be Rights, But…

From privileges for a few to rights for all

There was a time, not so long ago, when the so-called ‘civilised’ world was divided into free humans and slaves. Free humans were those who had the right to own property while the slaves were those who were considered as property. Free humans had the privilege to make decisions not only for themselves but also for their slaves.

As we learnt from others who we thought were less civilised than us...