Young Environmentalist (YE) is a Down To Earth and Gobar Times initiative to promote environmental awareness among the young and curious.

Like Down To Earth, YE believes that information is a powerful driver for the new tomorrow - and the young, along with their extended community of teachers, parents and families, fulfil a critically important role: that of an audience which is hungry for such information, as well as one which has the potential to actually use this information to drive change.

YE's selection of subjects ranges from climate change, air pollution and energy to water, biodiversity, waste and food, and has been brought to the young through interesting articles, videos, classroom learning aids, games, activity sheets, short stories, posters, DIYs etc. This content has been sourced from Gobar Times, the popular supplement for the young which Down To Earth publishes, as well as from exclusive contributions from our valued writers, reporters and creative experts.

Through these, YE hopes to satisfy that hunger of the young. It hopes to open their eyes and minds to oft-explored as well as unexplored concerns, issues, questions and answers in these and other subjects. It hopes to help them visualise and reimagine these concerns and their solutions. And it also hopes to kindle a passion in them for knowledge, and for using that knowledge to bring in change.

A website is a vibrant, active, live entity. It is meant to be constantly throbbing with activity, with content. We have endeavoured to design YE keeping this dictum in mind. However, YE will thrive only when our readers - the young - join hands with us, and march with us, together, in ensuring that this website serves its purpose. We invite our readers to contribute content, participate in our events, engage with us, and learn as well as teach.

Team YE

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