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The beautiful and healthy lotus stems—you can find these stems being sold by roadside vendors, especially along roads that run by a river or a pond. The light brown or white, sausage-like tubular vegetable has holes in it. These are lotus stems and they are used widely in Indian, Chinese and Japanese cuisine. They are relished for their taste and nutritional value.

Known in Hindi as bhe or kamal kakri, the lotus stem contains hollow air channels that run the length of the stem. It is crunchy, sweet and tastes like water chestnut. It has a delicate flavour and is suitable for eating raw or cooked...


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Gobar Gyan

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First Food Recipe: Delicious Dessert Mango Curd with Ramdana (Amaranth Seeds)

Ramdana are the seeds of chaulai or amaranth. These seeds are a good source of calcium, protein, and amino acids and are rich in iron, magnesium, and vitamin A, B, and C. Ramdana is an integral part of Hindu fasting diet. Here, is a summer recipe which is both nutritious and healthy.