Gobar Gyan

A… What? Food Label?

An alert issued regarding unhealthy packaged foods, and how food nutrition labels can and cannot help us to become aware.


I know you all kids must be excited about Dusshera and Diwali. The whole month you’ll be exchanging sweets and offering scrumptious feasts. Our friends and families will enjoy beautifully wrapped gifts of savouries— chocolates, candies, chips, soft drinks, and what not! Their advertisements will flood our television screens and social media, and even masquerade as a renewed form of celebration with the days of homemade delicacies…


Millets: Best Diet for Health Grooming

Do It Yourself

Scrumptious Ragi Laddus




Food For Thought

Do you know where we got the potato from? Or why birds can have chillies but we can't?...

Read some more interesting food-facts like these and know the importance of our food in this comic strip on food items, food wastage, and hunger.