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Weighty Health Issues

We often hear that health is wealth. But how well is it understood and applied is difficult to ascertain.

This time, we bring to you a story on a nutritional study undertaken by our five GSP (Green Schools Programme) Gold schools, for assessing their students’ health. A few students in the age group of 12–15 volunteered from each school to participate in the study...

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What Did the CSE Study on Honey Adulteration Reveal? Complete Analysis on How the Tests Were Done.

What is the truth behind India's honey? How pure is the honey made by your favourite brand? Are you eating nature's wonder food or are the companies selling you cheap and unhealthy sugar? To find these answers let us look at the latest report by the Delhi based Centre for Science and Environment or CSE.

CSE has earlier exposed pesticides in colas and packaged drinking water, antibiotics in honey, GMO's in packaged food, and excess salts and trans fat in junk foods...