Gobar Gyan

Fruits and Their Seasons

What’s the best time to eat a fruit or a veggie? Which season and for what reason?


Babbi had barely woken up and was rubbing her eyes, when she heard her mom faintly. She was calling out the names of pulses, fruits, and vegetables in the kitchen. Her dad was sitting in the next room making a list of fresh food to buy from the market.

Babbi chipped in drowsily, “Papa, please get some mangoes. It's been ages since we had those,” she requested. Her dad paused and smiled...

Gobar Gyan

Traditional Wisdom

Do It Yourself

Cooling Drinks

Gobar Gyan

Yummy Microbes!


Fruitful Journey: Food Safari in the Rajasthan Desert

Down To Earth travels to the desert state of Rajasthan to find out about the traditional food habits of the people in one of the driest regions of the country. We discovered that so many things grow in the wild and traditional knowledge of these will ensure that you have plenty to eat in the harsh desert environment. But is this traditional knowledge losing its ground slowly?.

Down to Earth is Science and Environment fortnightly published by the Society for Environmental Communication, New Delhi...