Gobar Gyan

Book Review: The Mission and the Mangoes

The Mission and the Mangoes is a work of fiction that sets its premise around a dystopic, water-starved Earth where unrestrained mining, drilling and the exhaustion of earth’s resources is rendering the planet unlivable. The young author of the book, 12-year-old Hena Parveen, tries to marry a futuristic setting where technological advancements such as humanoid robots and regular space exploration are a reality, with the Earth’s ecosystem that is hurtling towards an inevitable collapse. Interestingly, all this does not take place in a far-fetched future, but in 2050—only 27 years from now...




RRR: Rise, Revise, Relax


No More Complacent Dinosaurs


Green is My Colour

A unique experiment in ‘nature-based learning’ is in progress on the banks of the Atreyi River in Balurghat, a small town in West Bengal, near India’s border with Bangladesh.


It was 2004. I had started teaching in a school close to the verdant Jaldapara National Park. I have always nurtured a deep love and respect for nature and environment (maybe a legacy of my mother), and the natural beauty of Jaldapara was a motivating factor as well...