Munching Online Classes

blinked in confusion, “Psychics, yet again!” As I kept jotting down notes in my copy, I started another episode of daydreams in my mind. My friend messaged me in between asking, "Hey, which page is Ma'am teaching?" I frowned.

"Maybe 39 or 40," I replied.

I missed my friend because, in school, we never talked about which chapter we were being taught or what books we should bring...


The Haunted Word Lockdown!


Weighing the School

Gobar Gyan

Home, Not-so-Sweet Home


Live N Be Wise

We are reminded repeatedly to wash hands, wear a mask, maintain distance, and improve immunity. But an important factor that can fight against corona is, the food we eat. Though, we experimented with our culinary skills during the lockdown—from cakes and firangi cuisines to Dalgona coffee—we need to 'Be Wise' and 'Choose Wise'.

Avoid white bread, maida, pasta, sweets, chocolates, processed and canned foods, carbonated drinks, canned juices, and fried food to keep your lungs healthy. Keep fighting corona!