The Matkas of Tikli!

Chintu and Chinki were excited to go out for their summer vacations. They were bored of staying at home all through the lockdown. Since their grandparents lived nearby, they had planned to visit their village Tikli. Chintu and Chinki had done all their packing and rode off with their Mom and Dad to the village. As they came close to Tikli, they saw some women carrying pots of water on their heads, walking on the roadside...


Rain-Water Harvesting or Drain-Water Harvesting?


How Do We (Mis)use Water?


Tapping the Water

Gobar Gyan

Let's Be Water-Wise

While there is no escape from washing hands regularly, we can definitely be more mindful of the way we use water and avoid its wastage.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on hygiene practices, the simple act of hand washing using a soap and water, is one of the most effective tools to protect us from getting infected by the coronavirus. Practices such as washing hands before and after eating or using the toilet, maintaining one-arm distance when around others and...