Gobar Gyan

Nurturing Environmental Consciousness

Climate change is no longer a discussion that can happen in silos. Increasing carbon footprint and its impact on the 21st century environment is becoming part of many daily conversations in schools. But to achieve long term goals, more needs to be done.

 India has the lowest per capita emissions compared to the major world economies including the US, China and the European Union. Despite this fact, the impact of climate change has become evident in our country through rising levels of air pollution and extreme weather situations. Therefore, India is an active stakeholder in shouldering the responsibility with its global partners in combating the climate crisis.

It’s time for educators to take cognizance of this fact and delve deeper on why climate change is not a one-country issue but needs individual, local, and global intervention...

Activity Sheets

Boy using magnifying glass


Energy of The Future

Gobar Gyan

It is Raining Solar Power!


India's Energy Efficiency Struggle

Are appliances in India energy efficient? Does the government promote the best technologies? Do companies sell their most energy efficient products? This short whiteboard animation tries to answer these questions.