Gobar Gyan

Zooming Ahead with E-Vehicles

Why are e-vehicles important and what makes them so?

Automobiles, like our cars and buses, cause a lot of pollution. It is because they are based on fossil fuels. So, our government is promoting vehicles which can use clean fuel. When it comes to such vehicles, the first thing which attracts the attention of the people is electric vehicles or ‘e-vehicles’. Unlike the common vehicles which run on petrol and diesel, the e-vehicles run on electricity. Hence, they do not produce any harmful emissions and are ‘clean’ vehicles...

Gobar Gyan

Nurturing Environmental Consciousness


Energy of The Future

Gobar Gyan

It is Raining Solar Power!


India's Energy Efficiency Struggle

Are appliances in India energy efficient? Does the government promote the best technologies? Do companies sell their most energy efficient products? This short whiteboard animation tries to answer these questions.