Toss it or eat it!

  October 8, 2016



It is estimated that over 40 billion plastic kitchen utensils—including 14–18 billion plastic spoons—are produced every year. Given our low rate of reusing and recycling them, most of this cutlery ends up in landfill sites, or worse, in oceans and lakes! Here, they contaminate the land and soil for at least 450 years—the time plastic takes to degrade. Simply put, this is a recipe for disaster!

Hoping to provide an alternative ‘recipe’ to tackle this global problem, a Hyderabad-based start-up, Bakeys, has proposed a solution. Founded by Narayana Peesapaty, Bakeys has come up with a plant-based cutlery that is safe to eat in and dispose. This edible cutlery is made from a blend of flours of jowar (sorghum), rice, and wheat. It is completely natural and a biodegradable alternative to plastic cutlery.


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