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Taiyaari Fees Ki
Watch Out!

Watch Out!

An incredible list of some must-watch environment movies and series—a perfect visual treat for your summer vacations!


THE LORAX: In a treeless world, a 12-year-old boy is looking to impress a girl by searching for a tree. But, for that, he is required to know the story of Lorax, a charming creature.

OKJA: The fight of young Mija to rescue Okja, a massive animal and...


Illiteracy, Poverty, Pollution
Girl Running With Wind Wheel
November 14, 2091

November 14, 2091

What kind of world will the younger generations inherit? Piu gets a hint.

Weighing the School
Wherever You Go, Stress Follows
Sowing the Seeds

Sowing the Seeds

With her hair neatly oiled and braided, wearing her green-and-white school uniform, Selvi sat on the mat waiting for Amma to get her favourite tiffin of idlis and carrot sambar.

But today, as she waited she couldn’t smell the usual aroma from the kitchen. 'Here you go, Selvi, finish your tiffin and go to school!' Amma placed a plate with idlis and coconut chutney. 'Before you ask me, let me tell you, no carrot sambar...

Let's Clear The Air