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 Since Gobar is the Culture of  India!

Since Gobar is the Culture of India!

Sharing fond memories from 25 years back—of ice creams, rookies, cow dung, and some cool environment stuff for kids.


In the summer of 1992, late at night in the basement of the then rented office space of the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), the editorial team of the Down To Earth (DTE) magazine had a very long hot and tiring day putting together their very first issue. Anil Agarwal, the founder editor,...

About Yester Years and Ahead

About Yester Years and Ahead

Narrating the tale and trajectory of Gobar Times—of how it evolved into a new avatar and gained new characters.


My association with the Gobar Times will be incomplete without Piu & Pom. We were once working on a comic strip for the magazine.

Piu is the name of my daughter so it was easy to decide the name of one of the characters. But for Pom, there’s an interesting story.