Sarah, The Fearless Turtle

  Kyishong B Das |     November 5, 2017

One upon a time, in the great blue ocean there lived a turtle called Tundra. She travelled miles and miles from the Pacific Ocean to the warm waters in the Indian Ocean. When she reached the shoreline, she could not believe her eyes. It was at the same beach she had first set foot on when she was a baby. It was the best beach to lay eggs.

She laid 80 eggs on the beach and after 45 days, the eggs hatched. Among them was a brave, wise and kind turtle called Sarah. Sarah was a happy turtle and loved to make friends. She would swim to new places and make friends. All her other siblings ignored her because they thought Sarah was different. But this did not affect Sarah.

When the time came for the hatchlings to leave home, Sarah was confident and was the first to get to the sea. Now she was in a completely different territory. Yet, she believed in herself and moved further from the coast. She moved deeper until she reached the coral reefs and decided to stay there. In the first three months, it was difficult to find food but, soon after, her bravery and social skills came handy. She became good friends with an octopus called Karl who helped Sarah find food.

After a few years, Karl got into a fight with his rival, Octane. In the fight Karl was defeated and was banished from his territory. Sarah was sorry for her friend. She decided to travel with Karl wherever fate took her. That was the beginning of a long and exciting adventure for both. They went to the great deep trenches, onto beautiful coral reefs and came across strange animals. They travelled with other turtles and joined them in their great migration. Sarah travelled the whole sea world but deep down felt lonely.

One day Sarah saw a brown line in the distance. She realised it was the same beach where she was born. She began to feel a sense of belongingness. Sarah realised that it was time for her to bid goodbye to Karl. She was scared and sad to leave Karl, but she knew if you were kind to everyone around you, you would be happy and welcomed anywhere. So after a tearful goodbye and a promise to meet up soon, Sarah swam towards the beach, thinking of how it made a complete circle. Her mother travelled the world and came back to the same beach where she was born. It was now Sarah’s turn to go back home, where she truly belonged.


About the Author

Kyishong B Das loves to swim, read and write stories. Grade V, Sir Mutha School, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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