Munching Online Classes

  Ushmil Rimjha |     July 1, 2021

I blinked in confusion, “Psychics, yet again!” As I kept jotting down notes in my copy, I started another episode of daydreams in my mind. My friend messaged me in between asking, "Hey, which page is Ma'am teaching?" I frowned.

"Maybe 39 or 40," I replied.

I missed my friend because, in school, we never talked about which chapter we were being taught or what books we should bring. We talked about all fun things, like—whether we should play basketball or badminton, or whether our friends would offer us sandwiches or we’ll have to hijack their lunchboxes! We wondered whether we should go to the washroom to talk while the teacher taught us and so many other things! But now, we do not do any of those things. We just stare at the black screen, blankly.

Some nuggets I have to share here: I inhaled more the aroma of my Mom's tasty snacks than focused on my study table during this lockdown. I left my books and rushed inside the kitchen every time I smelled something delicious! Though, my Mom scolded me and ushered me back onto my desk. "After studies”, she shouted. “Pay attention (on classes) now!"

First of all, there were a lot of distractions all around me. My Mom's food's smell was just one among them. Also, my brother was playing all day in the next room.

Of course, the school was meant for studies but was it just that? What about the library period where we were asked to keep quiet and read our books but we kept whispering to each other all the time, not talking in a discernible way? And what about the games period when we laughed and chased all our friends until we got tired—which, I promise, never happened. And what about the 'excellent' remarks on our copy, for example, of 'late submission’?

What about the art period when we tried to paint something but instead painted something entirely different? What about the bus ride to school? What about the feeling of hating to get up early and not wanting to go to school, and feeling excited on reaching there finally? Oh, those constant teasers and funny PJs, and how we cheered our hearts out during those sports competitions! What about our friends? ...We were all shut behind the four walls.

I sighed as I continued taking the notes. The black screen was now asking us to answer. I did not feel motivated enough so I did not unmute my mic.

I know things would be better. We will make them better. Our health workers are doing their best and I could not be more proud of them.

Oh, but the fun we had!...

About the Author

She is a 16-year-old student of the St Joseph's Convent School, Fetri, Nagpur.

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