Wind It Up

Wind It Up

Wind is a form of kinetic energy, i.e. energy in motion. For centuries, people have used windmills to convert moving energy into mechanical forms to perform tasks such as grinding grain and pumping water. Let's learn how to make a pinwheel. We will see how a basic turbine works and how wind can create mechanical force.

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Power Cut

Power Cut

Oh, no . . . The climb to the third floor was killing me! The lift was not working. Our security uncle said there had been a power cut. My legs hurt. We had had our inter-house football matches at school today. I was tired and famished. After much huffing and puffing, I reached home. My dad opened the door. “Pa, the lift is not working. I had to climb up the stairs!” I said, as I dropped my heavy bag with a "thud" on the floor. “

ABCD of Energy

ABCD of Energy

“Pom! Stop now, hfff . . . hfff . . . I can’t run anymore,” shouted Piu.

“Hurray! I won the race,” said Pom.

“Hfff . . . hfff! I don’t have the energy to run any more . . . I'm going to rest under the tree,” said Piu.

It was getting dark. Soon there was a big moon over the sky.

“Piu we have to go home,” said Pom...

Energy Matters

Energy Matters

There are some schools that have taken up energysaving initiatives to become energy-efficient.

Electric bulbs, cars, fans, air conditioners, televisions, cooking ovens, chulhas, machines... the word ‘energy’ conjures up images of almost everything that makes up our everyday lives. Some forms of energy are renewable, including energy harnessed from the sun, wind and water. Energy produced from garbage, such as dead trees, branches, leftover crops and gobar, or dung, along with other forms of livestock manure—resources collectively called ‘biomass’—can also be used and then replenished.

There is also a second category, non-renewable energy. All forms of fossil fuel—oil, coal and natural gas—are examples. These fuels were made over 300 million years ago and we are slowly and surely depleting the reserves.

It is Raining Solar Power!

India's Energy Efficiency Struggle

Are appliances in India energy efficient? Does the government promote the best technologies? Do companies sell their most energy efficient products? This short whiteboard animation tries to answer these questions.

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