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Painting the Sky Black
Energy Matters

Energy Matters

There are some schools that have taken up energysaving initiatives to become energy-efficient.

Electric bulbs, cars, fans, air conditioners, televisions, cooking ovens, chulhas, machines... the word ‘energy’ conjures up images of almost everything that makes up our everyday lives. Some forms of energy are renewable, including energy harnessed from the sun, wind and water. Energy produced from garbage, such as dead trees, branches, leftover crops and gobar, or dung, along with other forms of livestock manure—resources collectively called ‘biomass’—can also be used and then replenished.

There is also a second category, non-renewable energy. All forms of fossil fuel—oil, coal and natural gas—are examples. These fuels were made over 300 million years ago and we are slowly and surely depleting the reserves.

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