The Haunted Word Lockdown!

  Shivansh Yadav |     July 1, 2021

Hello, Everyone!

I was excited to go to school as our new session was going to start soon. But, but, but… just two weeks before it was about to reopen, we were banned from going outside.

LOCKDOWN—Yes! This is the word which has a lot of power. Are you thinking that I am praising it? No, never. This innocent word locked us inside our homes for months and months and drove, we the students, online with no end in sight.

So, why should I praise it? How would poor kids like me understand these damn concepts?! Then, comes the problem of network. Due to poor network, I couldn't hear my teacher properly and hence most of my classes became pointless. Plus if you have any sibling then you better get two different internet connections—I know this may sound stupid but it’s true.

Coming back to studies—what about exams? This lockdown made us give all the exams online. The students who couldn’t even pass the exams earlier are passing with flying colors now, scoring—100/100! This is out of this world!

Then, comes the problem of extra classes. We are attending regular classes for 3-4 hours every day. But as if this was not enough, we are now compelled to stare these laptops even longer. However, I know, that this has happened to all of us.

Leaving all these issues aside, I miss the school not for all these problems but for the desks, playground, games room, my teachers, and most of all, my friends! (Now, you may call me a mood-swinger but so be it!) We are now chatting online as we can’t give high-fives or shake hands anymore. But from all this hurdle, I also learnt a lot!

I spent a lot of time with my parents, spilling the beans of someone or the other. We saw TV news together but it was all boring as always. Only the parts on rising corona cases were not boring. However, otherwise, it was all very boring. I kept feeling as if I am locked in a zoo.

Before the online classes, I used to sleep a lot! I guess, we all did. But this lockdown burst all my plans. In fact, it spoilt everyone’s plans. And if I still try to go out, you know what happens—the cops will stop us. Though, meeting my nearby relatives was very easy, we avoided doing this and met them online instead.

Before corona, if anyone sneezed, we’d say “God bless you!” But now if someone sneezes, we would get the hell out of there! Anyway, I have to tell you that this lockdown made me learn a lot. I admit it!

About the Author

He is a student of class 8 from the Delhi Public School, Rewari, Haryana.

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