Toxic Metals Give Fireworks the Beautiful Colours We Find Magical

  October 10, 2018

Most of us love fireworks during Diwali. But these bright and colourful crackers have a dark side It's the toxic metals that give fireworks the beautiful colours we find magical The red colour of a firecracker comes from Strontium, a metal that causes bone growth problems in children Barium, which gives fireworks the green colour, is harmful to the nervous system, the heart and can cause tremors, weakness, anxiety, shortness of breath and paralysis.

Copper compounds used for blue affect the skin and can cause cancer and hormonal imbalances The main ingredient of a firecracker is Potassium Perchlorate, which causes lung cancer and thyroid complications. These pollutants settle invisibly around us on soil, vegetation, crop and water and enter our bodies through food, water and air, creating major health complications Few hours of fun or a neighbourhood filled with toxins? Think twice before you burst firecrackers this Diwali.

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