The First Farmer Under PM-KUSUM Yojana Now Earns 4 Lakh Per Month

  August 12, 2021

In the rural village of Kanwarpura, Rajasthan, this doctor turned solar entrepreneur is using the KUSUM Yojana to boost his income by 200 times while providing clean energy to the farming community. The village of Kanmarpura was struggling with a water crisis when Amit Singh decided to seek out a modern solution for his deteriorating farmland and hence became the first person in India to generate income by selling clean energy to DISCOM using the PM- KUSUM Yojana. Amit was always fascinated by the concept of electricity and had already powered his clinic back in the village with a grid solar power system. So when PM KUSUM Yojana provided him with an opportunity to diversify his dream, He didn’t hesitate. But it was not easy for Amit, being the first person he had his fair share of challenges regarding arranging finances and getting necessary help. But Amit firmly believes that clean energy is the way forward and the new Yojana can bring income to a lot of farmers with barren lands and can further provide beneficiary to the community.

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