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Waste Warriors

Waste Warriors

Entrepreneurial projects and learning-by-doing activities help build environmental consciousness among young school children.


Our surroundings are indispensable to our survival. Hence, environmental conservation has become a high priority the world over, owing to climate crisis, pollution, land degradation, etc. Environmental awareness can be attained by changing the attitude of our youngsters...

Stranger Things
The Humanitarian Approach

The Humanitarian Approach

This dream of Gobar Times magazine emphasizes upon spreading awareness for mitigating the climate crisis.


We are living in a time of panic and distress, yet we continue to be in a state of delusion. Climate change is real. If we do not accept this truth and take control of the situation, we will face extinction.

While an overload of information we receive every day on climate change dehumanises the crisis and makes it distant and unreal, a huge chunk of the subject that usually gets left out from the data...


Pertinent Green Updates

Pertinent Green Updates

A vision for rebuilding Mother Earth through ‘Harmony’ and ‘Students Solidarity’.  


Imagine if I were the editor of Gobar Times! Could there be anything more exciting than working on a magazine that brings topics related to Nature to the notice of young environmentalists across the country? The first thing I would do is...

ABCD of Energy

ABCD of Energy

“Pom! Stop now, hfff . . . hfff . . . I can’t run anymore,” shouted Piu.

“Hurray! I won the race,” said Pom.

“Hfff . . . hfff! I don’t have the energy to run any more . . . I'm going to rest under the tree,” said Piu.

It was getting dark. Soon there was a big moon over the sky.

“Piu we have to go home,” said Pom...

To Bread or Not To Bread
The Modified Ones