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  Devika Maitra Chakravarty |     June 3, 2022

Imagine if I were the editor of Gobar Times! Could there be anything more exciting than working on a magazine that brings topics related to Nature to the notice of young environmentalists across the country? The first thing I would do is add a ‘Creative Corner’ section to it which would include art created with sustainable material. Quizzes and puzzles would make the magazine more interactive. A page would be dedicated to a ‘Young Environmentalist of the Month’ to not only highlight the good work done by the person but also serve as an inspiration to others our age.

We live in a digital age and we must include interactive content in our magazine, like opportunities to interact online and links to videos that supplement its articles. Each year, we can pick up one cause, plan awareness campaigns and fundraising events to support it, and involve students from around the country. Every month, we could have a guest editor, a student who can bring in the perspective of the target audience of the magazine because the readers of today would become the doers of tomorrow.

An ‘In the News’ section to keep us up to date with environmental issues from around the world. Children like me are aware, thanks to our school, which has environmental issues integrated into every subject; however, at Gobar Times, we must ensure that no child is left untouched by the love for Mother Nature. It is a bond that ties us together, irrespective of age, religion and economical background.

Forest fires, soaring temperatures, dying sea life are all signs that the time to act is now if we are to even have a ‘tomorrow’. Thus, magazines such as Gobar Times can have a big impact on the impressionable minds of young children. I believe that the future belongs to us and as the biggest stakeholders in the future, the change must come from us children too. We must be part of the change we want to see in the world.

We must help the earth heal again. That should be our top priority. Thank you.

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Student of Class VII, The Shri Ram School, Moulsari, Gurugram.

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