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Whaaa? The Budget?...

Whaaa? The Budget?...

Summarizing the Union Budget in a cool, simplified, less dreadful, more interesting, nowhere mind-boggling, and in quite a thought-provoking manner.


11am, 1st February: a moment for which people across the country wait anxiously every year. Why?

That’s when our Finance Minister presents the Annual Budget of the Government of India. Err... too many big words…

So, the government is responsible for a lot of things—ensuring that we go to school, we get good learning facilities, we have good greenery...

Country Life Better, No Kidding
Jhuru and Bagha Go for a Ride

Jhuru and Bagha Go for a Ride

“Jhuru . . . jaldi neeche aao,” Amma shouts.

Jhuru is atop a hill with his friend Bagha the leopard sprawled next to him.

“Bagha, why do they always call me when I am with you?”

“Well, they don’t want us to be together,” says Bagha licking his paws.

“Or are they scared?” Jhuru asks. He gets up and shouts, “Amma, aataa” and proceeded to sprawl again next to Bagha.

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