Save the Environment

  Gandrothu Gana Srilakshmi |     April 22, 2024

None of us recognise the effects of environmental degradation before we witness them. But experience is the best teacher. If we do not stop spoiling the environment, we will have to bear its consequences.

Drastic changes in climate and temperature happening nowadays are symptoms of the huge damage caused to the environment. The greenhouse effect, soil erosion, and corrosion of buildings provides us further evidence. Not only industrialization but also our living habits harm the environment. And not just the laymen but also educated people are to be blamed for it. For example, just to commute small distances, they use motorbikes which emit chlorofluorocarbons... It can be avoided by using bicycles instead. Similarly, we can use lesser rodenticides, herbicides, and insecticides as they can cause nerve disorders and anaemia. If all this continues in the near future, we might experience even heavier and intense acid rains which will make our lives miserable.

But I believe that a small step can bring about a big change on the situation of our environment. Every human being should be aware of our surroundings and try his or her level best to save the planet. Glance through my humble painting above for a loud shout out to all the young environmentalists!

This article is only edited for clarity.

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Student of class 10, Prathibha School, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh

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