Only Eco-friendly Cleaners

  Tejas Kannan |     April 30, 2023

The unsettling sight of the Bellandur Lake—a foamy, cloudy demon gargling bubbles—and plastic litter—baffling mounds disposed irresponsibly—motivated me to act and revive our wonderful world. We all know that the climate crisis is going off the charts and the practise of ‘Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle’ is gaining alarming urgency. Thus, it’s high time that we all think about saving our nature and so I started with focusing on the rampant use of chemicals in our everyday products.

There are many oils, emulsifiers, surfactants, colouring pigments, and preservatives present in our daycare items. When drained out, they produce chemically toxic wastewater. When this untreated wastewater from various households, enters our sewage drains, it reacts negatively with other elements present in the drain water and releases harmful gases. Later, when these drains join our water bodies, chemical reactions get triggered which can produce bubbles, foams, fires, etc. This is what I witnessed, unfortunately, at the Bellandur Lake in my city.

From 2020, I’ve been studying the chemical composition of our daily-use products and spreading awareness about them through my website, Product Insight, and Instagram handle: @creatingyouthawareness. Further, I have tried switching from the chemical-based floor cleaners, detergents, soaps, and cleaning bars to eco-friendly cleaners based on bioenzymes. They use natural microorganisms to breakdown stains and dirt, and can be easily made at home using ingredients, which are not only cheap but are also discarded otherwise as food-wastes. My activity booklet, Bio Enzyme - A Magical Solution: Product Insight, can help you make bio-enzymes in the manner shown alongside.

Your bio-cleaner, once ready, will have multiple uses. It can serve as a dishwashing agent, cloth-washing detergent, floor cleaning solution, diluted liquid soap for pets, or a fertilizer for plants. Importantly, it is a non-polluting product; in fact, it can even nourish your soil and water. Thus, I urge you all to campaign against chemically-intense products and prefer bio-cleaners to protect the ecological balance in our environment.


About the Author

A student of Class 11, Lawrence Elkins High School, Texas, USA.

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