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A comprehensive wish-list sent from an avid reader to Gobar Times, providing details on what her dream magazine looks like.


Gobar Times has been around since 1998, which is a long time. It is an insightful read, for sure. It’s great to find it online as in this way, it is available anywhere and anytime...

The Humanitarian Approach

The Humanitarian Approach

This dream of Gobar Times magazine emphasizes upon spreading awareness for mitigating the climate crisis.


We are living in a time of panic and distress, yet we continue to be in a state of delusion. Climate change is real. If we do not accept this truth and take control of the situation, we will face extinction.

While an overload of information we receive every day on climate change dehumanises the crisis and makes it distant and unreal, a huge chunk of the subject that usually gets left out from the data...


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