Dhanvi Chakravorty, Yogendra Anand |     December 8, 2022

Gobar Times has been around since 1998, which is a long time. It is an insightful read, for sure. It’s great to find it online as in this way, it is available anywhere and anytime.

I think, the magazine can become more interesting for kids and teenagers by conducting a bunch of activities. It can encourage cub reporters to interview inspiring people from rural areas. It can also publish about some mind-blowing creations made out of locally available natural resources. Apart from the routine environment-sensitive articles and comics, the magazine can run a ‘Creativity Box’ for enjoyable engagements. Like, it’d be really exciting to find in it some step-by-step DIYs on making your own terrarium; or miniature garden; or eco-friendly soaps, shampoos, and other daily necessities. Along with games, puzzles, crosswords, quizzes, and mazes, it can also excite children to write about the nature and the wild by motivating them to go for safaris, summer camps, and zoo trips. Hence, it’d be saving the Mother Earth by positively influencing our younger generation.

Also, how about launching fund-raising campaigns or the ones like #SaveMotherNature and many more? Protecting nature from deforestation and promoting recycled paper can be some important things to do. Sometimes I even fancy reshaping the pages of the magazine into a big bushy, lush green tree. You see, the shape can speak much louder about its purpose and impact a larger audience. Isn’t it? But why all such fancy? Because the Mother Earth is my only home. So, let’s save it!

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A student of Class 6, The Shri Ram School, Moulsari, Gurugram.

Illustrator, Art & Design, Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi

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