Practising Inspiring Environmentalism

  Yash Bhardwaj |     June 2, 2022

If I was the editor of Gobar Times, I would appreciate and highlight all those people in my magazine who try to keep our environment clean. This would include people who save and plant trees and conduct public programmes to spread awareness about environmental issues. Environment protection is very important for all of us. In Gobar Times, I will publish articles which motivate people so that they can participate in planting more and more trees. My magazine would ensure that our articles do not harm the feelings of anyone. I will conduct various campaigns for environmental conservation through my publication.

Environment pollution is a major problem in the world today, and if we don't try to minimise it, then after a few years everyone in the world would be suffering from various health problems. I will spread awareness about such health hazards through the magazine. Deforestation, pollution, industrialisation, etc. are the reasons of environmental degradation, but through awareness building and other steps we can reduce this.

Gobar Times can conduct campaigns related to environment conservation in villages. I will try to publish real life incidents so that people take the issues seriously. Our planet Earth is unique and being the editor of Gobar Times, I would try and maintain this uniqueness.

About the Author

Student of Class XI, Shivalik Valley School, Solan, Himachal Pradesh.

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