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Snow’s Last Sigh

Snow’s Last Sigh

The girl would remember that winter fondly as the one when they made their last snowperson.

Her elder brother and sister and two girls and another boy from the neighbourhood had developed a ritual over the years. Every time it snowed substantially, they would leave all but one of their kãgers at home, put on their Duckback boots and homemade woollen gloves and head for the clearing between the walnut trees behind their mohalla.

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How Parth Found His Best Friend

How Parth Found His Best Friend

One summer afternoon when Aman was sitting in a corner looking lost, Parth went up to him and said, “Hi, why are you sitting alone during recess?" Aman got up from his desk and walked out of the classroom. The recess ended and all the boys entered the class and made themselves comfortable in their respective seats. After the school got over, Parth walked up to Javed and asked him as to what is the matter with Aman, why does he stay gloomy and aloof.

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