GSP Carnival 2023: Leave Your Comments Here

  April 30, 2023


To be able to attend this event was definitely an incredible opportunity! I am truly grateful to be a part of such an amazing event. It was very fulfilling to see so many schools from all around India, taking part in and adding to the Young Environmentalist movement. The time I spent there was full of learning, and understanding the views and efforts of the people who were around us. The event was very well organized and the overall experience was wonderful.

 Myra Pathak, Class 8, Shiv Nadar School, Noida


 Our time at the Green Schools Programme’s (GSP) award ceremony was not only fun but also educative. We were a part of the quiz and even though we did not win, we returned home knowing a lot more about climate change and its impacts than before the program. Later, on hearing the words of the Director-General of CSE, Sunita Narain, and witnessing the different ideas of schools and their awards, I got inspired to work and strive even harder for sustainability. Seeing different schools from all across India striving together towards this cause was very encouraging.

S.R. Nidharsana, Class 9, Dr Rajendra Prasad Kendriya Vidyalaya, New Delhi


It's been a beautiful experience to be on the GSP platform. Our state, Himachal Pradesh, won the Best State Award and we are proud that our Government High School (GHS), Gulela is one of the six green schools of Himachal Pradesh. The GSP award ceremony featured a variety of activities including a renewable energy fair, a Gobar Times design activity, a quiz, and a solar workshop for thirty schools of Himachal. This was an energy-boosting workshop for all the participating students and teachers. Thank you also for recognising my efforts and giving me the GSP Ambassador Award. Special thanks to the GSP team for their excellent cooperation, management, and completion of the awards.

Poornima Kumari, TGT Medical, GHS Gulela, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh


It was a unique experience to attend the GSP award ceremony. The GSP is a platform where we can showcase all our efforts done to conserve the Mother Nature by adopting sustainable, green practices. Winning the top notch award of the ‘Energy Manager’ is like a dream come true for us. The entire team of Dr Rajendra Prasad Kendriya Vidyalaya expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the GSP.

Dr Swati Kamlesh Bisht, PGT Biology, Dr Rajendra Prasad Kendriya Vidyalaya, New Delhi


The GSP annual ceremony was truly an enthralling experience for us. It was a testimony of all the meaningful work that schools across the nation have done. It gives the schools a platform to continuously reflect upon their green practices and make progress in pursuing them so that they can achieve a sustainable and mindful learning environment. Receiving an award in the 'Food' section was truly a humbling experience for us and dedicated to the entire team of the Shiv Nadar School. Meeting educators and eminent personalities from diverse backgrounds was an enriching experience for me and so was the aspect of sharing ideas and learning from each other. Thank you, CSE, for supporting us and for making our five years of journey with you so wonderful!

Ashu Ratra, Green Schools Programme Coordinator, Shiv Nadar School, Noida


I am very grateful for being a part of The GSP Green Schools Carnival. All the activities of the event and their management was incredible and delightful. The GSP award ceremony was the most amazing part. The excitement and enthusiasm of the teachers and students amazed me and also encouraged me to protect our Mother Earth. At last, thank you all once again for hosting such an exciting event!

Deepak, Class 11, Government Model Boys Senior Secondary School, Nalagarh, Solan, Himachal Pradesh 



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