Scrumptious Ragi Laddus

  Anamika Yadav, Abhay Kumar Singh |     January 6, 2023

We guys love laddus and we’re sure most of you do too! So, let’s make some delicious laddus with ragi, i.e. finger millets. These millets are rich in protein, iron, and calcium, and making their laddus is as simple as playing dough. So, here’s a perfect winter treat awaiting you right below. Follow the instructions and get-set-go!

Preparation time: 40 minutes        

Sufficient for: 1 person


  1. Get a big bowl—not too big, just medium-sized—and put the roasted ragi flour in it. ‘Roasted,’ because it gives flavour and texture to our laddus.
  2. Put the pitted dates. These are alternatives to refined sugar, which is not good for our health.
  3. Then, add some flaxseed and sesame seeds.
  4. Now comes the turn of a good serving of your favourite nuts. (Psst: Here's a secret—feel free with the nuts because they not only enhance the laddus’ flavour but also ooze out a lot of oil which reduces our dependence on ghee.)
  5. Put a pinch of cardamom powder now. You see, who doesn't love a little aroma in their food?
  6. Next, add a dash of salt.
  7. Put a little jaggery powder to satiate your sweet craving.
  8. Finally, pour a little ghee and mix all these ingredients well in your bowl. (Don't worry, we're almost there! Very close to our laddus now.)
  9. Grease your palms simply with slight ghee.
  10. Take a little mixture in the bowl and roll it into a laddu in your palm. Set it aside on a serving plate.

You’ll be able to prepare 3–4 tasty laddus or even more in this way. Your incredible ragi laddus are now ready! Showcase your amazing culinary skills with these flavourful sweets to your friends and family.

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Programme Officer, Sustainable Food Systems team, Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi

Programme Manager, Sustainable Food Systems team, Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi

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